WhatsApp dark mode on iOS
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WhatsApp Dark Mode Now Available For iOS

WhatsApp dark mode on iOS
WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

After months of beta testing, WhatsApp dark mode feature is now finally available for all iOS 13 and Android users. A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “During testing, we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue, so instead, you’ll notice a special dark gray background and off-white color that lowers the brightness of the screen, cuts down the glare and improves contrast and readability.”

The long-awaited feature was introduced globally through a video titled “Hello Darkness, with several people showing discomfort and squinting while using their phones in a dim environment. 

The dark mode in WhatsApp is basically introduced to give minimum eye fatigue to the users, especially in dark on the dim environment, as mentioned in their blog.

The team further wrote that they focused on two particular areas while researching and experimenting- Readability and Information Hierarchy.

By readability, they mean picking “colors that are closer to system defaults” and minimizing eye fatigue. By information hierarchy, they wanted to help the users focus on each screen by picking designs and colors that help the important information stand out.

How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode In iOS or iPhones?

To enable the dark mode in WhatsApp on your iPhone, you first need to update and install its latest version (2.20.30) from the Apple App Store.

After updating, go to the Settings of the app and click on the Display & Brightness option. Enable the Dark Mode selecting the Dark option. (Settings > Chats > Theme > select ‘Dark)

You can also enable the Dark Mode by going to the Control Center of the phone and tapping on the Dark Mode (Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors > Smart Invert).

Note- If your iPhone doesn’t have iOS 13 or more, you will not be able to experience WhatsApp Dark Mode.

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